Healthy-Finds SelectsNantucket Spider as Best Insect Repellent  

Healthy-Finds, a pioneering online membership savings program that has its own team of wellness experts, recognizes the gravity of insect-bornediseases and strongly advocates the use of insect repellents to avoid being infected.

The only problem with most insect repellents available in the market today is that they contain this chemical called DEET which causes skin irritation, dizziness, breathing difficulty, seizures, and even death.  Birth / developmental defects, impaired cognitive function, insomnia, kidney and liver damage, and mood disturbances are other reported side effects of DEET.

Being the health ambassador that it is, Healthy-Finds only promotes natural alternatives and endorses the best brand for you – Nantucket Spider.

Don’t be deceived by the brand name.Nantucket Spider is actually a line of insect repellents that are chemical-free, more specifically DEET-free, natural, vegan, yet proven effective.  The company uses exceptional combinations of organic, fresh, great-smelling essential oils to come up with products that will help you combat bugs, fleas, flies (biting, black, deer, and horse flies), mosquitoes, spiders (!), ticks, and other pesky insects.  Their products are water-based so they are light and do not have a greasy effect on skin.  What’s more, their packaging is patented – handy, fine mist sprayers which make for easy application and full coverage.  You can even spray it on clothing without having to worry about stains.

The best thing about Nantucket Spider products is that they are gentle enough for the whole family.  If your kids are allergic to citronella, they have a citronella-free repellent too!

Have dogs?  The company has something for them too!

So whether your family (furry pets included!) loves camping, canoeing, hiking, travelling,   or simply loves being outside (even just on the porch or patio!), Nantucket Spider has got you covered.

Nantucket Spider is always on consumers’ list of top (meaning, highly recommended) natural repellents that really work.  Their products have been featured on Bustle and Romper – both digital magazines for the millennial women.  This only goes to show that today’s moms are already enlightened about the harmful effects of DEET and other chemicals.  You should be too!

Nancy Jack and Jeffrey Busch comprise the tandem behind Nantucket Spider.

It all started when Nancy, an environmental lawyer, was visiting a business site which unfortunately was teeming with bugs.  A well-meaning colleague handed her a popular chemical-based repellent spray.  But to Nancy’s horror, that particular brand dissolved the fabric that she was wearing!  And this was the wake-up call for Nancy.

So she got in touch with her longtime friend and fellow lawyer Jeffrey, who loved the beach (specifically Jetties Beach in Nantucket) but disliked the flies that surrounded it and who was also thinking of ways to ward off these insects – naturally.

Initially, they meant to create this alternative insect repellent to give to family and friends only.  But one can’t really stop something good from spreading, right?

An honest company that delivers what it says it will deliver – this is precisely the reason why Healthy-Finds recommends Nantucket Spider for you!  Click here to receive an exclusive offer on Nantucket Spider.


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