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How to Choose the Best Kids Fishing Pole?

Fathers that like fishing know that there is no bigger pleasure than pass it down to the next generation. It’s such a joy to share this hobby with a young son, who seems so excited to learn how to go fishing. The glow on the child’s face from catching the first fish is a great memory to remember forever.

Still, the adult fishing pole is too heavy for a child and much more complicated. This might turn fishing into torturing. That’s why it’s much better to get a kid-friendly fishing pole. The boys will be so excited to get their own one. The best kids fishing pole is usually light, short and less expensive than the adult version. In addition, the manufacturers add beautiful designs and simple mechanisms to keep the child excited and interested.

It’s not that hard to find your perfect match, even if it seems overwhelming from the first glance. The different models are invented for specific kinds of fishing.

First of all, you must consider the pole’s measurements and specs. The length can go from 4 to 14 feet. Pick the perfect length by learning where you’ll go fishing. Shorter poles are great for fishing from a boat. It’s easy to control it. The longer poles can be dissembled into a few parts for carrying and are suitable for staying on the shore but reaching further in the river.

When you know the desired length, start exploring different weight. This parameter shows how much it is able to carry. The more it can carry the stronger it is. However, in case you are not planning to have a big game, the light poles will be more fun.

Another thing you should learn is the action of the pole (the place where it bends). It can vary from ultra-light to heavy. Ultra-light implies it will bend close to the beginning of the pole. It is suitable for small fish. The heavier one allows it to bend at the tip and is good for bigger fishes. Choose it in accordance with the age of a child.

Take into account that the kids fishing poles are manufactured from all kinds of materials but foam handles are light and easier for children.

The fishing pole for a child will be about 4 feet long and very light (about 3 ounces). The manufacturers already sell the whole sets which also include the rest of the accessories and gear. You can buy it all together and save yourself a headache.

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