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Baby Fever Teething and When It’s Time to See A Pediatrician

Babies and Teething

When it comes to milestones, babies have a lot of them to reach as they develop from birth to becoming a year old. Most of the time the process is smooth, but there is one that can cause irritability. It’s called teething. This stage happens at around four to six months of age, and it can be a very painful process to go through for the baby. As a parent, it can be a delightful and worrisome time for you.

The Teething Process

Teething is an important process that a baby goes through to gain teeth in order to start eating solid food. What happens is that teeth begin to develop in the upper and lower gums of the mouth. Signs that all parents should be aware of that are associated with teething include:

  • Chewing
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Constantly putting things in the mouth
  • Drooling
  • Constant fussing
  • Not wanting to eat

Usually as the teeth come in, they cause pain when cutting through the gums. To make this process manageable to handle, its best to get teething rings that can go into the freezer. Having these can help ease the pain by applying coolness to the gums. Another method that can be effective is gently rubbing the gum area using your fingers. Understand that teething does not last that long. Sometimes a baby can have two teeth come in one month and another one coming in the next month. This means that the pain along with other symptoms do come and go as they show up.

Going to the Pediatrician

You are probably wondering when it would be the right time to take your baby to the doctor when it comes to dealing with teething. It’s best to examine your child when they start to fuss or feel a bit warm as they fuss from the pain. Just know that baby fever and teething to go hand in hand. So if your child has a fever of 100, it’s time to visit your pediatrician. They have first-hand knowledge of what you should do to help your child get through the teething process and the medicine you should give the baby to break the fever. It’s always a good idea to consult a pediatrician because you need to make sure that the medicine you give them for the fever is safe.

Helpful Remedies for Pain and Fever

As a rule, the doctor may tell you to get over the counter remedies such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen for your child’s age group. This will help to relieve both the fever and soreness of the gums. It’s also good to let your child sleep as much as possible because it does help to aid in the healing process.

It Will Be Over Soon

When it comes to baby fever and teething, your child will get through this soon. You have to be vigilant to their needs. They will get over this milestone quickly.

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