Baby Health

Baby Fever Teething and When It’s Time to See A Pediatrician

Babies and Teething

When it comes to milestones, babies have a lot of them to reach as they develop from birth to becoming a year old. Most of the time the process is smooth, but there is one that can cause irritability. It’s called teething. This stage happens at around four to six months of age, and it can be a very painful process to go through for the baby. As a parent, it can be a delightful and worrisome time for you.

The Teething Process

Teething is an important process that a baby goes through to gain teeth in order to start eating solid food. What happens is that teeth begin to develop in the upper and lower gums of the mouth. Signs that all parents should be aware of that are associated with teething include:

  • Chewing
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Constantly putting things in the mouth
  • Drooling
  • Constant fussing
  • Not wanting to eat

Usually as the teeth come in, they cause pain when cutting through the gums. To make this process manageable to handle, its best to get teething rings that can go into the freezer. Having these can help ease the pain by applying coolness to the gums. Another method that can be effective is gently rubbing the gum area using your fingers. Understand that teething does not last that long. Sometimes a baby can have two teeth come in one month and another one coming in the next month. This means that the pain along with other symptoms do come and go as they show up.

Going to the Pediatrician

You are probably wondering when it would be the right time to take your baby to the doctor when it comes to dealing with teething. It’s best to examine your child when they start to fuss or feel a bit warm as they fuss from the pain. Just know that baby fever and teething to go hand in hand. So if your child has a fever of 100, it’s time to visit your pediatrician. They have first-hand knowledge of what you should do to help your child get through the teething process and the medicine you should give the baby to break the fever. It’s always a good idea to consult a pediatrician because you need to make sure that the medicine you give them for the fever is safe.

Helpful Remedies for Pain and Fever

As a rule, the doctor may tell you to get over the counter remedies such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen for your child’s age group. This will help to relieve both the fever and soreness of the gums. It’s also good to let your child sleep as much as possible because it does help to aid in the healing process.

It Will Be Over Soon

When it comes to baby fever and teething, your child will get through this soon. You have to be vigilant to their needs. They will get over this milestone quickly.

Kids Party

Party Planning And Preparation For Your Child’s Birthday

Giving birth is the most special thing that can ever happen in a woman’s life and to every family, a child is considered as a very special and precious gift, since it is priceless. That’s why, every year, a birthday should not be forgotten and this has to be planned perfectly, so that the children will find it a memorable one. As parents, you will surely do your best just to make sure that you can find an ideal venue, food and the program as well.

Doing these things alone would be very stressful, since you will need to do a lot of searching, comparison and inquiries, too. For this reason, you will need experts in organizing events because they have all the ideas and the connections that will complete the party for your child. This just comes once in a year, anyway, so pretty sure that you will not allow this to be a failure, especially when you know that your child is looking forward to have an amazing celebration.

I know well that finding a kids birthday party venue is quite a tough job and again, everything would be easier, if you can only hire event organizers in your area. They will make a proposal and present you different venues to choose from, together with the theme and activities for the children. Anyway, I know how much you wanted this celebration to be very special, so you should make sure that you will have a good plan and prepare it well.


Planning the budget for this event is a very important part of the preparation because it will lead to a more organized birthday party. Through this, you will be able to proceed to your next steps, which means that this fund should be your basic step.

Keep in mind that you need to finance everything that you need for the birthday, which include the venue, food, accessories, gifts, cake and costume to name a few. Without setting a budget for this celebration, it would be difficult to choose what is needed and what to prepare.

Celebrant’s Involvement

If possible, allow your child to be a part of the preparation to make him feel proud of himself. Well, he does not need to be involved with every decision, but let’s say that this party just needs to be personal. For example, you may ask his favorite color as well as a cartoon character, especially when you want to incorporate a theme, basing on superheroes or Disneyland characters – go to for the list of characters.

He would be very happy to see something that is of his personal preference during the party. This will make your child’s mood better, anyway. Most of all, you will be able to prove that he is a responsible person, even just in small ways.


The invitations must be designed according to the theme of the party. You won’t just print it out without considering the content. If there is a dress code, then it has to be written there, too, as a reminder.

Keep in mind that most of the parents or guardians will come with their children. Therefore, make sure to send out the invitations ahead of time, so that the guests will have ample time to prepare and set schedule as well.

The Food

Children likes food in small sizes, since they usually have small bites. This means that you have to select and prepare what most kids enjoy. Since there are adults, then you may have additional menu for them.

Anyway, when it comes to the delicacies, do not choose the ones that may stain their clothes as they are usually clumsy and this might change one’s mood. Make sure to prepare a variety of local and foreign foods, too.

Do not forget that these kids like sweets so much. I guess, it would be great to have a food cart, where they can get ice cream and cotton candy.

Birthday Cake

A birthday cake is usually the most important part thing in the celebration because the celebrant has to blow the candles on it and make a wish. Bringing out the cake and singing a birthday song will make the child feel that this is his night and it has to be happy and memorable.

Therefore, make sure to choose the flavor that your kid loves most. Do not forget that this must reflect on the theme and again, there must be cartoon characters on it. Make sure that you will have enough cake for everybody.

The Theme

Actually, this could be crucial, but if you will base the theme, depending on your child’s preferences, then things will go smooth. Make sure that you will choose a theme that has something to do with the interest of the celebrant. Look at this for theme ideas to choose from.

If you would like everybody to put on costumes of their favorite cartoon characters, then make sure to make the venue filled with such a theme. The cups, plates and balloons must also go with the theme, so make it personalized and customized as well.

Games and Entertainment

This is supposed to be a day full of fun and surprises, but this is not just for the celebrant to enjoy. Therefore, you should remind him that the games would be for everybody and being a celebrant does not mean that he must be the winner because he is responsible for keeping his guests have fun, too.

It would be great to have outdoor games because you will have a lot of choices like the usual sack race and breaking the pot. However, due to changing weather conditions, it would be ideal to choose games that can be played indoors. For example, they can play trip to Jerusalem, bring me and stop dance to name a few.

By the way, those who have more budget can afford to hire experts. Therefore, they can invite performers to come for a magic, puppet and musical shows, too. Again, this will depend on your child’s interest and as parents you should know about these things more than anybody else.